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Sometimes you just need to get out and get some fresh air. Here’s a look at some of the parks offered by the city of Memphis. All information provided by the cities of Memphis and Bartlett. 

Memphis City Parks

Audubon Park
  • 373 Acres
  • Photo Gallery
  • Finalist in the 2007 Commercial Appeal’s “Memphis Most Awards” in the “Most Perfect Park for Pets” category.
  • Leftwich Indoor Tennis Courts, 4145 Southern,
  • 4 Indoor and 8 Outdoor Tennis Courts
  • The Links at Audubon: 18 hole golf course, golf practice range. Golf Clubhouse @ 4160 Park Ave.
  • Picnic Area and Play equipment
  • 2 Picnic Pavilions, 1 mile fitness trail, and lake
  • Botanic Garden, 750 Cherry Road
Walter Chandler Park – Horn Lake @ Raines
  • 151.80 Acres
  • Lakeview Senior Citizens Center
  • Play equipment and picnic area
  • West Zone Office.
The Links at Davy Crockett – 4380 Ridgeline Road
  • 290 Acres
  • 18 hole golf course
Memphis Fairgrounds – 940 Early Maxwell Blvd.
  • 158 Acres
  • Grounds designed by Geo. Kessler. Partial list: E. Parkway Gates, Shelby Co. Bldg. 1908, Fairview School 1930, Former Montgomery Park Track 1884,
  • Formerly had Memphis Jockey Club circa 1909
  • AutoZone Liberty Bowl Football Stadium,
  • Childrens Museum,
  • Mid South Coliseum
  • Football/Track Stadium
  • Mid South Fair
  • Various Activity Buildings, and Maintenance Compound
Firestone Park – Millington Road @ Robertson
  • 317 Acres
  • Football/track stadium with restroom/concession.
The Links at Fox Meadows – 3064 Clarke Rd.
  • 160.43 Acres
  • 18 hole golf course with clubhouse
The Links at Galloway – 3815 Walnut Grove
  • 104.20 Acres
  • 18 hole golf course with clubhouse
  • Developed by H.W. Brennan
  • Finalist in the “Most Gorgeous Golf Course” category of the 2007 Commercial Appeal’s “Memphis Most Awards”
  • Named “Best Golf Course” in the 2007 Memphis Flyer “Best of Memphis” competition.
  • Deeded to city as part of Red Acres subdivision
  • Local residents walk the perimeter of the course. Watch out for golf-balls.
John F. Kennedy Park – 4577 Raleigh-LaGrange Road
  • 260.57 Acres
  • 9 lighted softball fields and 2 soccer fields with concession and restrooms
  • Alzheimer’s Adult Day Care Center,
  • Northeast Zone Office,
  • Nature trails, 2 pavilion, play equipment,
  • Maintenance facilities
  • 1/2 mile fitness trail.
M.L. King Park (Riverside) – South Parkway @ Riverside
  • 379.32 Acres
  • Indication of Burial sites from multiple periods.
  • Design by Geo. Kessler, 1902 w/ Parkway system and Overton Park
  • The Links at Riverside: 9 hole golf course with new clubhouse
  • Boat ramp and marina
  • Picnic area, 3 pavilions, and play equipment
  • Ball field and 4 lighted tennis courts
  • Lake and scenic river views
Mississippi River Greenbelt – Greenbelt Island Dr. @ Auction Ave
  • 102 Acres
  • Boat ramp
  • Mississippi Riverwalk and scenic river views
  • 1 1/2 one way trail with no loop – from Auction North to end of park.
  • Under “Riverfront Development Corporation” Management
Overton Park – 2080 Poplar
  • 342.30 Acres
  • Photo Gallery
  • Finalist in the 2007 Commercial Appeal’s “Memphis Most Awards” in the following categories: “Most Bikeable Route”, “Most Picnicable Point”, and “Most Perfect Park for Pets”.
  • Second Place in the “Best Picnic Spot” category in the 2007 Memphis Flyer “Best of Memphis” competition.
  • Park designed by Geo. Kessler, 1901. Partial list: Zoo 1905, Golf Clubhouse 1926, WPA Shell 1936
  • On the National Register. Example of City Beautiful Movement.
  • Rainbow Lake, 2 pavilions, amphitheater
  • The Links at Overton: 9 hole golf course with clubhouse
  • Play equipment, playground ball field, walking trail, soccer field,
  • E.H. Crump statue, and various historic markers
  • Home of Veterans Plaza, including the Doughboy statue and the new Korean War Monument
  • Home to the Zoo, Brooks Art Museum, The Levitt Shell and Memphis College of Art
Pine Hill Park – 973 Alice
The Links at Whitehaven – Holmes @ Shelby Drive
  • 100 Acres
  • 18 hole golf course with clubhouse

Shelby Farms

Shelby Farms Park lies in the heart of Shelby County in Memphis, Tennessee – 4,500 acres of green space, a community treasure, unrivaled in size and potential anywhere else in the United States.

City of Bartlett Parks

Bobby K. Flaherty Municipal Center Appling Road, South of US Highway 70
  • 82 Acres
  • Site of the Bartlett Justice Center, the Bartlett Performing Arts and Conference Center, the Bartlett Recreation Center, a  1½-mile fitness trail and a lake.
Bartlett Recreation Center 7700 Flaherty Road, off Appling Road, between the Justice Center and Appling Middle School


BartlettCountry Dove Ridge Cove, Bartlett Country Subdivision
  • 14.63 Acres
  • Neighborhood park; walking trail, playground
Bartlett Grove 7155 Santa Cruz Drive
  • 5 Acres
  • Neighborhood park; 1/2–mile walking trail, playground
BartlettBoulevard Soccer Park 3170 Bartlett Blvd.
  • 11 Acres
  • 2 lighted soccer fields, space for other fields, concession and restroom facilities
A.E. Beaty 7859 Memphis-Arlington Road, beside Fire Station #3
  • 4.5 Acres
  • Neighborhood park; 1/4-mile walking trail,  lake, and restrooms
Blue Lagoon Blue Lagoon Drive
  • 20 Acres
  • 7/10-mile walking trail, playground, lake, picnic tables
Davies Plantation
Davies Plantation
and Phillips Road
  • 8 Acres
  • 6/10 mile walking trail, lake, playground, picnic tables
Deermont 6675 Deermont Dr.
  • 10 Acres
  • 4 lighted youth baseball fields, restrooms and concession building
Dixon/Brewer 5745 Woodlawn, adjacent to the Senior Center and Gotten House
  • Located in the Bartlett Station area
  • Tennis court, 1/3-mile walking trail, gazebo, playground.
Easthill 6950 Dawnhill Road at Luther Road, adjacent to Ellendale Elementary School
  • 10 Acres
  • Athletic fields, playground, ½-mile fitness trail
Ellendale 3800 Greenleaf Cove (across from Cedar Road)
  • 16 Acres
  • ¾-mile fitness trail, lighted athletic fields, lighted tennis courts, playground, pavilion, picnic area, restrooms
Elmore Civic 2505 Elmore Park Road
  • 3.5 Acres
  • 1/4 –mile walking trail, playground equipment, picnic tables
Elva T. Bledsoe 2863 Bartlett Road, at Stage Road and CSX Railroad
  • 0.5 Acres
  • Gazebo
W.J. Freeman 2629 Bartlett Blvd.
  • 100 Acres
  • Site of special events; 9/10-mile fitness trail, lighted tennis courts, athletic fields, playground, picnic tables, gazebo, pavilion and restrooms
Freeman Smith 4620 N. Brunswick Road.
  • 8.2 Acres
  • 2/10-mile walking trail
  • Pavilion, restrooms, picnic area, playground, basketball, athletic fields
Kirby-Whitten/Old Brownsville (Future) Kirby-Whitten Parkway, south of Old Brownsville Road
  • 15 Acres
Madison Arthur Byrd 3400 Summerdale Drive
  • 10 Acres
  • Neighborhood park; two lighted tennis courts, 1/3-mile walking trail, picnic areas, playground with baby swing
Municipal 2975 Altruria, behind City Hall
  • 10 Acres
  • Japanese Garden, lighted tennis courts, ½-mile fitness trail, playground, picnic tables and restrooms
Nesbit Park 5760 Yale Road
  • 333.75 Acres
  • Bicycle and running trails
Quail Ridge (Formerly Egypt Central) Egypt-Central Road and Fiske Road, north of the Quail Ridge Golf Course
  • 20 Acres
  • 8/10-mile walking trail, playground
Rivercrest Park Rivercrest Lane
  • 10 Acres;
  • 4/10-mile walking trail, playground
Rivercrest Natural Area (Future) Rivercrest Subdivision
  • 90 Acres
Rockyford 6885 Raner Creek Drive, at Kirby-Whitten Parkway (Rockyford Road)
  • 5 Acres
  • 4/10-mile fitness trail, playground, lake
Shadowlawn 4734 Shadow-lawn Road
  • 15 Acres
  • Restrooms, playground, athletic fields, concessions building, basketball
SingletonCommunity Center & Park 7266 Third Road
Sleepy Hollow Road Northampton Drive and Sleepy Hollow Road
  • 6.4 Acres
  • 1/3-mile fitness trail
Stoneridge 3525 Altruria Road, at CSX Railroad
  • 6 Acres
  • 8/10-mile fitness trail beside a lake, playground
Sugartree 5468 Pine Oak Lane (Sugartree Subdivision)
  • 0.6 Acres
  • Playground and picnic tables
Yale Road
  • 11 Acres
  • 1/2-mile fitness trail, picnic tables, playground with baby swings